Act Now, Stop Getting Ready to Get Ready!

Oh my, I just had an epiphany.

How often do we wait and delay to ACT on something by getting ready, to get ready, to get ready, to get ready, getting ready to get ready, oh, wait, just getting ready, nearly ready, and on and on and on it goes!

The illusion that we have to have everything perfect before we get our teeth into a new inspired creative project is simply fear kicking in trying to stall the process of creative expansion.

Of course if I was a software developer and my services depended on a mission critical product, I would think twice, but this is ONLY a website.  The foundation is already set, I just need to add the finishing touches.

So as you can see I threw up a few pages, because I had been marketing my domain name, and if anyone needs to call me they know where I am. Hey at least my Linked-In page is current if anyone needs more “stuff” on me!

The site is not quite ready as you can probably see, but guess what, I’m not stressed, if anything, I’m having a laugh at how ridiculous life can sometimes appear to be.  So what if my content video is not ready, so what if millions of people see my site unfinished, perhaps it will entice them to come back often and see how I’m progressing.

Just imagine how much stress we put on ourselves, getting ready to get ready when we are trying to start or launch something new in our lives. When all we need to do is relax and realize it’s not the end of the world. The only moment that counts is the one you are in right NOW. Focus on the Now and everything else will just fall into place. Trust the Universe (your inner GPS) more and everything will be just OK. Breathe!

Let Go.  Simply Trust Life.

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