Keep It Simple – Inventive Minds

I had to chuckle because I could really relate to this article and I’m sure millions¬† in the business world will agree.¬† Readers Digest featured a wonderful review which was absolutely timely in the global transformation we are experiencing and how not to stifle creativity and passion by wasting time in useless meetings, but also how not to get caught up and waste too much time on an inventive idea or piece of creation your entire life, that you miss the whole purpose of being here.

Illumination: Have fun, relax, collaborate, let creativity and passion flow through your entire business, you will recognize and connect with intuitive ideas much more easily and the results will be profound for all involved.

Source: Readers Digest – March 2009 – Peter Stockland, Editor-In-Chief.

“If I were an inventor bent on improving the human condition, I would invent the Meeting Meter. It would help the huge number of North Americans afflicted with spending an average 5.6 hours every working week in meetings. It would save corporations billions of dollars, which they could use to end global warming, achieve world peace and make everyone on the planet equally rich. The gizmo would be simple. All present at every meeting would key their salaries into the meter. It would then track the per minute group cost of sitting in an airless room wondering what in *@#$?! that bald guy detailing shipping and receiving data is talking about.¬† At meeting’s end, a tabulation would be transmitted to accounting and logged onto the corporate balance sheet, sparking quarterly eruptions such as: “We spent $57,294.26 to watch a PowerPoint about WHAT?!”

Let Go. Simply Trust Life.

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