Bell Box Connected & Buzzing

Everything on the planet is connected, the ONENESS factor is beginning to surface more and more. I recently had to call my telephone company Bell Canada to come and fix my telephone service because my DSL Internet connection was performing intermittently.

What I was not expecting was a beehive with frozen bees in my outside phone connection box.  The Bell engineer who was incredibly friendly quipped, “You Have A Buzz on Your Line”  The Intelligent Universe sent me a metaphor using the bees ‘Your Connected” to Bell i.e. Alexander is tuning in to your energy field!  I worked with Bell Canada in my corporate days.

The bees created their beehive in the telephone box. Food for thought, perhaps they were not able to distinguish the difference between the sound of the technology “humming” and their normal abode.

Bees are very intelligent. Scientists have long marveled over the dance of the bee. A little jitterbug seems to reveal to coworkers the location of a distant meal.  Experiments by James Gould suggest that honey bees may have a cognitive map for information they have learned, and utilize it when communicating.

Bee’s Take Resident in Phone Communication Box


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