Nurturing Your Inner Self With Nature

autumn-leavesThe appreciation of the natural beauty of nature that surrounds us every day, and our inner connection to this source energy is priceless.

It may seem too easy and obvious but many of our ancestors really knew how to practice the art of living a great fulfilled life. A life that perhaps did not necessarily burden them with all the “stuff” that generations today tend to accumulate which do not necessarily provide inner peace or happiness i.e. another new car, TV or gadget.

I remember as a youth the wonderful times when our home garden in the UK would be overflowing with vegetables and herbs, from spinach, turnips, green beans, tomatoes to mint and cilantro, our garden was my mother’s pride and joy. It was my mother’s way of nourishing and strengthening her inner self (she was a single parent bringing up four children).

What I remember the most is that our garden was so abundant and colorful that our crop was shared openly with many friends, families and neighbours every year. Each year brought a sense of laughter and joy on the topic of my mother’s beautiful garden. The sharing and giving to others was a natural for my mother. No expectation of any return just selflessly serving others.

Although I had grown trees, plants and flowers for many years the childhood memories of my mother’s vegetable garden remained with me, until one day I decided to grow my own vegetable garden. WOW what a fascinating experience. I recalled sowing the seeds and plants, watering and nourishing them and eagerly awaiting the first signs of vegetable growth which included tomatoes, green peppers, spinach, herbs and even cauliflower! Then finally when the time was right, experiencing the full majestic display of the fruits of my labour!

Other ways to nurture and nourish the inner self is by observing the beauty of the trees and birds during a walk or run. Leave the iPod, MP3 player and even the cellphone at home for a change.  Instead, listen to the music of the birds. Watch for the squirrels, butterflies the bees or flies, they all count and have a place in the ONENESS of life along with humans. You may surprise yourself if you look hard enough you may even see a smiling face on the tree trunk or the birds eagerly awaiting your company everyday.

Go ahead nourish your inner self by connecting to the beauty of nature. You will become a lot more clearer in your thinking, more balanced and inspiration will start to easily flow.  Life will thank you and you will glow.

Let Go. Simply Trust Life.

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