Eternal – The Next Classroom of Life Signs

dockMy wonderful father in-law Amrik Singh Sandher, recently passed in his sleep on May 31st, 2009 at the age of 75 years.  His passing away was a surprise and much earlier than the family had anticipated.  A joyous, vibrant individual he will be sincerely missed by all.

On the Friday prior to his passing, we had a culturally rich celebration honoring his grandchildren at church, where the Sikh holy scriptures were recited continuously for three days finishing on Sunday.  We cooked food for three days and celebrated together with family and the community. We laughed so much when my brother-in-law purchased big fat carrots about a foot long indicating they were sold for horses too. I remember jovially inquiring if we too would turn into horses upon eating them which led to an uproar of laughter in the kitchen!

Little did we know this was my father-in-laws farewell party too. Only the Intelligent Creator knew what was being planned in the unseen realm and it was his time to bid farewell to everyone in a grand majestic way. A way that everyone would remember him. I recall while seated in the Gurdwara (Sikh temple) everyone was seated on the floor with the exception of my father-in-law who sat on a stool. We all laughed at the time because he had NEVER done that before – perhaps the Creator was showing an “elevated sign” through him.

The Universe has a sense of humor and reaffirmed the unseen energy field is still alive and kicking!  I went into a retail store to purchase a photo frame for my father-in-law’s photograph and the cashier quipped, “This frame must be for a graduation.”

I automatically responded in the moment with, “You could call it a graduation, it was for my father-in-law who passed away, but I guess he has graduated onto the next classroom of Life.”  The cashier responded, “I think he probably had a very good life.”

As we left the store, I noticed the number plate “I Said Hi 2”, next to our car! I laughed.

Often we receive messages from beyond the veil/illusion through signs or words that we need to hear. I believe he is happily contemplating his next big adventure and we will just wait for the signs to join in the ONE Happy Intelligence Game. Trust life to reveal the mysteries we are all seeking. We are Eternal so enjoy and live life to your maximum potential.

Let Go.  Simply Trust Life.

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