Intelligent Universe – Garden of Eden!

The Universe is very Intelligent and wants to co-create through us. Period.   Yes it does communicate but in a cryptic Morse Code type of lingo/language and signs.  Skeptics normally respond “prove it.” So for the logical fixed minds here is another sample of how Universal Intelligence communicates through each of us. The question is how vigilant are we in monitoring our life and the people that weave in and out of the Universal tapestry adventure?

Mercury, The Thinker & Toilets!
Featured in newspaper and it all started with a tooth ache!

Grow A Garden at the Gurdwara (Indian temple)
1) My husband and I went to visit the local Indian temple (Gurdwara).

2) The first thought that popped into my head was “wouldn’t it be nice to grow a vegetable garden here and the congregation could then use the food in the kitchen.”  The Sikh faith offers an open free kitchen to all. I discussed briefly with my husband and we were still contemplating taking action.

3) 2 weeks later two individuals walked off the street and randomly came to the Gurdwara with the following message “we were passing by and thought we would check out this place because it looked interesting. We thought, wouldn’t it be nice to create a Garden Of Eden here!”  They further confirmed that they have elderly immigrants who were stuck inside their apartments and would value an opportunity to use their agricultural talents to jointly assist in the creation of this project.

The young men re-affirmed the original thought that “something was looking to be born” through willing individuals who were ready to step up to the action!

4) A week later as I was contemplating the “how and details” a woman at the temple announced that her brother worked at a local garden nursery and could bring all the flowers and plants that we would need for a garden.

5) Another few weeks while I was still contemplating the details, my husband and I arrived at the Gurdwara and noticed that a brand new garden had been created with lilacs, trees and an array of other glorious flowers.

The message, I personally took from this experience was, don’t worry about the details. They are all ready sorted. Just get doing and taking the necessary action because Universal Intelligence is looking for something to be created THROUGH US and we just need to say YES!  I missed the opportunity to be of service on that particular project (for this year) but I did learn a very valuable lesson in life, don’t worry about the details, just take the next step and all will be revealed.

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Let Go. Simply Trust Life.

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