Retirement Home – Youth & Wisdom

We often are so busy in our day to day life to take a few minutes to reflect on the bigger picture. That quiet inner voice that is eagerly trying to grab our attention to communicate an important message, “hey YOU can I get your attention for a couple of hours, please.”

At United StarMinds we try to tune into the Universal Intelligence and stay as vigilant as possible so that we can “pick up on the hints” to take any necessary action if required.  Yes this may appear as an odd way of looking at life, but it works and is almost magical when we do start connecting the dots that complete a particular project.

This is the story of how a few signs and actions were picked up resulting in an afternoon of connecting Wisdom with Youth at a local retirement home.

1) Driving home from the city near my home I noticed the following car number plate TEAM VOID.

2) Then an ambulance passed by followed by a fire engine.

3) My instincts said “follow them.”  I was surprised to see the vehicles entering MY street and continued to follow.

4) The vehicles stopped at a small retirement home behind my residential street where I normally go jogging in the morning.

5) A few days later, I decided to stop by the retirement home and inquire about the incident that occurred. I was informed that an elderly resident had passed away.  Upon observation of the residents I noticed that some elderly people were looking bored, a TV was blaring behind in the main living area and I felt a tug in my heart. “Do something” was the quiet inner voice.

6) I pulled together family children because the school holidays had just started and thought, what a great way to connect the Wisdom with the Youth and vice verse. Perhaps we could go entertain the retirement home residents and at the same time it would be an excellent opportunity for the children to spend their day away from their computers and TV. This was an opportunity for the children to show true leadership and learn from their experience. Perhaps a selfless service project that they could take back to school after their holidays as a case study to inspire others children swept through my mind.

7) Whilst talking with my family I was inspired to create a branding called MOE (Masters of Energy.) The children were taught that they are masters of their destiny and they must manage their personal energy in a constructive, joyful and loving way especially towards others.  The MOE’s first Mission was the Retirement Home project. On the way home after discussing the new MOE idea, I saw a truck that read MOE Trucking!

8) Contemplating for ideas on how we would entertain the retirement home residents, the quite inner voice inspired me to use a story I had written for Toastmasters entitled Your Wish Is My Command.  A story about a Wish Giver coming to a village whom individuals could ASK for anything they desired in life.  Only one wish would be granted however. Obviously people were asking for material wealth, diamonds, lands, horses etc.  BUT one little girl Marina asked to:

  • Feed the village people
  • Clothe the village people
  • Educate the village people and
  • Provide medication for the village people.

What did Marina NEED for this?  $$$$$$$ obviously!  But she did not ask for the money!  Marina’s wish was granted by the Wish Giver.  Full story can be read here.

8) The family children practiced their talent one day before the event.  We decided to dress up in Indian outfits.  We took water bottles to the home so that each child could give a spiritual water blessing to each resident.

9) Upon arriving the first thing I noticed was an Indian lady in the center of the group. I was very surprised as it is very uncommon for Indian families to put their parents/relations in a nursing home. I walked up to the woman and spoke in Punjabi and asked the lady her name. She said her name was Pritam (which means LOVE.) I was surprised because my mother’s name was Pritam and she had passed away a few years earlier. I was much moved and saw it as another “sign from the interconnected universe,” guiding me to write about the experience to inspire others.

10) The children, my sister in-laws and their children entertained for an hour and spent some time talking with the residents.  The children delivered Your Wish Is My Command play. They sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and danced. They connected with the reality of Life. They selflessly gave in service. They gained words of wisdom and will now be able to share their experience with other children.

We enjoyed every moment, it was a joyful experience and a memory that I hope will inspire others reading this story to listen to the quiet inner voice and watch diligently for the signs so that you too can be of service in your community.

The United StarMinds young Masters of Energy (MOE’s) did an excellent job.  We were invited back for a possible fashion show in the fall as the residents loved our Indian outfits.

Let Go. Simply Trust Life.

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