Intuitive Thought Helped Win Bar-B-Q

Frustrated with searching online for protein powder for my son’s and then having to worry about the delivery process, because I was leaving for Australia in two days, I decided to stop into a health and nutrition store to make my immediate purchase.  My first inclination was to drive to Guelph my local town, but instinctively I turned the car around and drove to Waterdown a small village in Ontario, where I formally resided and shopped at The Vitamin Store.

As I drove into the village I noticed new signage indicating Welcome to the Victorian Village of Waterdown. I always love the energy of old places, you never know what magnetic energy surprises are around the corner.

Upon reaching the store I was pleasantly surprised to find the protein powder I desired on sale, another bonus. I purchased three.

Just as I was leaving the store, the store manager suggested I complete the ballot for the Bar-B-Q contest. My first thought was I already have a great Bar-B-Q, but instantly the next thought that popped into my head was “Give It Away.”  I instantly knew where I would donate the prize if I won.

I filled out the ballot and jokingly amused to the store manager, “I’m off to Australia, however, my son or my husband will come and pickup the winning Bar-B-Q while I am away”.  We both laughed and I left the store without thinking about the prize again.

When I returned from Australia, my family advised me I had won the Bar-B-Q and that the woman at the store remembered my comments and was excited for me.

The morale of this blog is, often we do not need the prizes or gifts, however others do. Why not enter contests and give the prizes away to others who would really appreciate them. Declare it aloud and see what happens.  Simply by filling in a ballot and listening to the Universal Intelligence (the quiet inner voice) I received so much fun and joy, and now I look forward to giving away the prize.

Watch this space: The family has been identified whom the Bar-B-Q will be given to and the story continues.  More details soon!

Update: The Bar-B-Q was donated to the Clarke family recipients of a Habitat for Humanity home in Arthur village, Ontario.  I loved the names of the children which I recalled when filling the ballot:  Raven, Phoenix, Legacy and Justice!

Full story: Connections Bring Barbeque Habitat Recipients

DSCN4699The most interesting thing is that our “connections” to Life are so subtle, that if we pay careful attention to the additional “signs” or connection points we start to see multiple levels of the Collective Universal Intelligence desiring to reveal another part of the puzzle to us. The word ART was intuitively captured on my camera, near the home in Arthur while shooting photographs.

When I drove home I decided to stop into a Walmart store. As I was leaving, my eye caught just the word ART in my side view car mirror. I noted it in my “minds eye” because it caught my attention.  Life is art and we are simply an expression of that invisible ink flowing through us.

DSCN4698Let Go. Simply Trust Life.

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