Universe Intelligence Confirms Logo Design

This story will illuminate HOW the United StarMinds logo was created with help from the Universe which connects dots for each of us if we tune into the loving intelligence around us.   Be vigilant, Life works in mysterious ways to co-create through us and needs our cooperation for fun. Enjoy the read.

I had pondered on using my name Mandip Kaur Sandher (MKS) initials for the United StarMinds company name.  I was not sure though.  I wanted something fresh, an image that perhaps would be memorable without the full company name, something that would be remembered for generations to come.  “Make it fun like Disney” was the FIRST intuitive thought that came to mind and the emotions of fun, freedom, creativity and imagination really rang a bell with me.

The Evidence Trail:

1) I was at the gym one day in the sauna room.  I looked down at the towel which was brand new with an Egyptian cotton tag, but ONE single thread was loose which caught my eye on the towel curved like a loop.

2) The first thought that popped into my head was “if I see the Lincoln MKX car I will base my logo on my initials.”  I did not tell my husband and we drove home.

3) As we were just about to get off the highway exit, my husband shouted, “Oh look at that Lincoln MKX car!”  I had NOT told my husband my thoughts, he does not in particular like Ford Lincoln cars, so how did he know?  I knew my logo would be based on my initials at that moment (it was a strong intuitive feeling.) I had also noticed that the tag line for the Lincoln MKX car is – “The Sky’s the Limit” – I was definitely opening up or being tuned into a higher level or sky level intelligence. Following that initial incident I noticed Ford launched the Lincoln MKS with the following tag line “The Future Is Here”, WOW, need I say more a car with my personal initials!

4) As I knew I wanted it to be easy to print my logo on a cup or a letterhead as I was creating it, I kept that in mind and played around with the full initials but they did not work and one day, without too much effort I created the stylized M the way it is shown in the logo and liked it. My name Mandip means Illuminated (deep/dip is light in Punjabi) Mind (man is mind in Punjabi) so the M personified HEART+MIND. My son commented the logo looked like a heart.  I then added a circle which reminded me of my Sikh Kara bangle, which in my heart and mind reminds me of the Unity of Humanity as ONE.  The star came to mind as in “we’re born of stardust” and we are ALL SuperStars playing out our personal movie on the world stage!

5) After I had created the logo, I noticed a few days later some “external evidence.”   A toy pen (Motorola giveaway) shaped like a man in a moon costume was lying around in one of the drawers (see below.) I saw a TV ad with a “heart” in it and then the very next advert had a “star” in the message. When I went to the YMCA gym I noticed another star sign on the wall.  OK this looked good, heARTificial Intelligence was confirming go with the logo as is.

DSCN45666) When I showed the final logo to my son and explained the elements of the logo, he exclaimed, “oh you should see this video, it is by Mobi called We Are All Made Of Stars. The singer is dressed just like the above pen walking in Hollywood!  I was blown away when I saw the video.  I was convinced the logo was co-created with heARTificial Intelligence (ONE) orchestrating the details behind the scene and showering fun signs along the path so I would notice.

7) Quiet scup and bagoon after creating the logo, I was invited to speak about “Change” at Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario in Canada.  After the presentation I was handed a gift bag by the organizers. The colours of the bag were Red and Black and inside the bag was a coffee cup, Golden Yellow.  Now I was really amazed as all the elements matched my logo design.


As I was leaving Mohawk College I noticed something quite eerie.  A wall had been painted with geometric shapes and an iris, something I had seen in “sacred geometry and freemasonry symbolism.”  The relevance being that I had sold iris biometric technology where the colour part of the eye (iris) is used to identify frequent travellers as part of a Canada and US Government Border Security Program. The programs is called Nexus Air.  Recently Google announced their new cell phone device named Nexus ONE. Is there a connection to all these “signs?” absolutely.  The game of life is ON and we simply have to tune in and become aware.

iris mohawk

The reality is thatONE Universal Intelligent Heart is working through humanity, and once we are connected it starts to show its magnificence. Everything is happening in our lives for a reason. Nothing is random in the Universe. Everything is connected to ONE Intelligence. Just enjoy the moments and have fun.  Be VERY vigilant or you might miss the dots guiding YOU to explore new frontiers of reality right here, right NOW.

Let Go. Simply Trust Life.

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