Get Creative Write Something!

When was the last time you wrote something? A poem, a short story or even a song perhaps?  Not any of that boring business stuff we have to do but real creative expression of our inner self that desires to make its mark in the Universe.

Get your imagination gears rolling.  You don’t have to be a professional writer to express creative writing. You JUST DO IT, because it comes from within.  Write a poem, a short story or anything that you feel inspired to do. Feel your way into your words and let them be the artistic print on YOUR blank canvas.

Here is a short story that I wrote and used as a Toastmasters speech. It flowed one day quite easily and then it was presented as a short play at a local retirement home with children as the actors!

Your Wish Is My Command

“I want Rubies”, “Diamonds for me”, “Emeralds and Pearls thank you”, “Gold and Silver”, “Oh I would like one hundred horses thank you”, and on and on cried the people of Limestone village.

Finally, the day had arrived in Limestone village when a 300 year old prophecy would finally come true. A prophecy that declared unlimited wealth and abundance for a small village nestled amongst the most glorious array of tall mountains, meadows and rivers.

A mysterious Wealthy Explorer known simply as the “Wish Giver,” had arrived by ship at the village port.  The Wish Giver would grant the village of Limestone a wish for absolutely anything they desired, to make them happy and content. Every single person in the village had an opportunity to submit their request.

The excitement was felt far and wide across the village for days as people dreamed up their ideas of wealth. Women, men, children alike all vying for their dream wish to come true.

But like all good things, there’s always a catch. Only ONE village person would be granted the Wish!

The village Chief an old man sitting under the tall willow tree in his long beautiful multi-coloured robe with odd shaped haggard sandals, fumbled with his paper and pen, jumped up abruptly and announced loudly:

“SILENCE, I now have all the Wishes documented and I will go present the requests to the Wish Giver, may the Lucky Man, Woman or Child’s wish come true.”

The Wish Giver looked extremely noble, tall and broad shouldered with vibrant shiny cheeks like ripe red apples. His warm soul piercing eyes peered down at the village chief and lovingly questioned:

“Is this everyone’s request?”

The old man frowned as his thoughts lingered for a few seconds and replied:

“Oh, I did forgot to ask my daughter, Marina, but that’s alright it really doesn’t matter.”

The Wish Giver raised his eyebrows and in a deep stealth voice proclaimed:

“When I asked for everyone’s request, I meant everyone. Please go ask your daughter for her wish.”

The village chief scurried off to his cottage, with his robe straggling behind collecting dust.

“Marina, I need your wish?   Marina questioned, “Wish father?”

“Yes, yes child”, responded her father impatiently.  “What would you wish for if you had the chance to have anything in this world?”  “Anything father?” Marina enquiringly raised her eyebrows.”

“Yes, Yes, anything child?” “Father if I tell you, you won’t agree, so what’s the point?”

“Oh, child I will agree, just hurry up and tell me,” by now Marina’s father was sounding very agitated.

“Alright then, I want to Feed the poor, Clothe the needy, Provide medication for the ill, and Build a school to nourish the young minds.” Flabbergasted and nodding his head the village chief wrote down his daughters request without questioning her and ran off back to the Wish Giver’s abode.

With hesitancy and humbleness the father presented his daughters request and was dismissed immediately to summon everyone to the village square where the winning Wish would be granted.  The Wish Giver read the final request and gleamed ear to ear like a Cheshire cat!

The Wish Giver mounted on his white horse and rode to the village square and announced loudly but with a hint of warm harmony:

“After great deliberation, I have finally made my decision.  Bring forth the young girl Marina to me please.”

The village chief’s daughter timidly presented herself in front of the Wish Giver.  The Wish Giver lovingly placed his hand on Marina’s head and announced:

“Child, you brought Joy to my heart, which fluttered like a singing bird. As of today, you not only are the daughter of your father but I also declare you as my daughter too.”

“Your Wish Is My Command” and I hereby grant you your wish, to Feed, Clothe, Heal and Educate the people of Limestone village as you see fit from this day forward.”

The Wish Giver then turned to the villagers and sternly stated:

“Listen carefully people, Marina did not ask for material wealth, she asked for happiness of others. In asking for others she received far more wealth than any of you had requested. Let this be a lesson for you all today, it is in the Giving we actually Receive.  Take heed of this example so that in the future may your wishes also come true.”

On that final note, the mysterious Wish Giver rode off into the sunset on his white horse, leaving the people of Limestone village in very deep thought and amazement.

Note from author Mandip:

We are all born empowered leaders with an infinite supply of wisdom and resources to tap into from the ocean within.  Success in life is not rocket science; it is ancient wisdom that has always been around for centuries.  The right formula for creating and living your dreams is a matter of understanding the true nature of life and then tuning into this ONE fundamental Truth.  When Truthful Living is held as an objective of life, everything else just falls into its own miraculous place and flows so very simply.

Let Go. Simply Trust Life.
Mind Your Energy.  IT Matters.

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