Energized Australia Say’s “Hug The Trees”

When was the last time you hugged a tree?  On my trip to Australia earlier this year, I noticed a few interesting things about Australia.  WOW, it is a HIGH ENERGY country.  Walking along the streets and parks of Sydney you could FEEL the essence of an energy rich environment.

Becoming really AWARE of your surroundings, and noticing the smaller things in life can really improve your perspective of life.  Here is what I noticed during my trip:

A Sydney park sign read:  Hug The Trees!  Great testimony to the fact that the city understands the “aliveness” factor of nature.  They suggested to gently walk on the grass, but to take the time to hug a tree.   This was my favourite tree.









Underneath this Queen Victoria statue, I noticed people practicing Qigong (or ch’i kung). This is an internal Chinese meditative practice which often uses slow graceful movements and controlled breathing techniques to promote the circulation of qi (energy) within the human body, and enhance ones overall health.

I got the “intuitive impression” of Queen Victoria looking down and suggesting “My dear, please go back and tell others to start exploring and practicing Eastern energy management techniques”!









This is an impressive glass pyramid at the Sydney Tropical Centre located in the Royal Botanic Gardens, right in the center of the Sydney business district!  Imagine stepping out of your office and enjoying your lunch break right on these luscious grounds everyday. Well that’s what my nephew has the pleasure of doing everyday.









And finally, set yourself free and hop aboard my Starship, to Infinity and Beyond!









Let Go. Simply Trust Life.

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