Bird Feathers Tweet Like Violin Strings

Everyone wants to understand painting.
Why is there no attempt to understand the song of the birds?
Pablo Picasso

The mystery of nature has and will continue to unfold and surprise mankind everyday.

A new study from Cornell University confirms that the male club-winged manakins vibrate their wings to create violin-like sounds to impress females.

The manakin vibrates its wings at more than 100 cycles per second, twice the speed of hummingbirds.

Using lasers to monitor feather vibrations, Kimberly Bostwick’s (researcher) team reports in Proceedings of the Royal Society that the manakins club-shaped feathers vibrate at 1500 hertz. This is the same frequency of the sound made by the manakin.  Visit the National Geographic site for this impressive full story.

If one bird species can make this vibrational violin sound, you would have to THINK that ALL birds have the same vibrational capabilities.  Everything is vibrational energy including humans!

As a “connections company” we analyze the deeper meaning to all media stories, images and words.   This study confirmed the “reason” why so many violin images have been gaining our “attention” in recent months.  Universal Energy is sending a very subtle message, be joyful and get singing!

Let Go. Simply Trust Life.

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