Brain Scientist Stroke – Work Your Right Side!

Jill Bolte Taylor a Harvard-trained neuroanatomist, has always known more about brains than most people. But when a brain hemorrhage triggered her own stroke, she suddenly had a front-row seat on the deterioration of the brain.

What will you learn?  We are all the life force power of the Universe. We are energy beings connected to one another through the right hemisphere of the brain. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet, and in this moment, right now we are perfect, whole and beautiful.  The right side “thinks in pictures” and information in the form of “energy streams” through our body sensory system and then explodes into this enormous collage, through the consciousness of the right hemisphere. We are all connected and ONE mega human family.

It took Dr. Taylor eight years to recover from the stroke, but when she did she was motivated by a desire to share her experience of stroke and recovery, particularly her increased awareness of the right side of her brain. She experienced a sort of euphoria and a sense of peacefulness as she was left with only right-brain functions. She lost her sense of self, but she also shed the stress of her life and, as she puts it, “37 years of emotional baggage.”

Meditation (any technique to allow more focus and heightened awareness into life) is something not often practiced in this day and age, however is much needed to live a normal and balanced life.  The video is provided to help you imagine what it would be like to be totally disconnected from your brain chatter and emotional drama.  Imagine another level of reality is available ONLY if you decide to step into your own right sided power!

Watch this wonderful intense video you owe yourself this knowledge because it will change your perspective of what might be possible in an interconnected Universe.

Let Go.  Simply Trust Life.

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