Universe Signs and Evidence – Salvador Dali

As you all may know by now I am ever vigilant in noting “the intuitive signs” that appear on a daily basis. Some people call this “living in the now or total awareness.”  I prefer to call it hooked into the ONE Happy Source Intelligence of the Universe.

One personal experience that occurred in 2009 was in relation to Salvador Dali, which I had put off writing about but I think is very appropriate now because more “connected signs” are appearing regarding this Master of Surrealism’s work.

Originally I had no idea who Salvadore Dali was, but started noticing coincidences/connections revealing details about this artist in my daily perception or should I say energy field. Why was this happening? Life is a mystery and the clues are sent from the Universe in the form of breadcrumbs. Our job is to pick up the clues and continue the journey of life which reveals the why and the mystery as we play our part in the Game of Life!

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only
creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.
Lao Tzu

My husband and I had gone to his cousins house to help build a new garden in their home.  During the day I noticed my husbands nephew and niece constructing art projects for school homework. One child was creating a Golden Egyptian Pyramid and the other child was working on creating a clay based “Fluid Clock” by Salvador Dali.  My nephew asked for some help to which I responded “No, I can’t help you, it has to come from your own heart.”  With that I left to go do some shopping with my sister-in-law at the greenhouse. I remember she wanted to buy a cherry tree for her garden which we found.  When we returned home a beautiful fluid clock had been created by our nephew and he mentioned “it came from my heart!”  I was thoroughly pleased.

A few days later as I was walking through Chapters/Indigo Bookstore a front cover picture displaying the fluid clock that our nephew had created caught my eyes attention.  Below is the book cover showing the fluid clock “The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory” 1952-1954 by Dali. Of course, I had to purchase the book as it intrigued me.

DSCN4662I found the book incredibly interesting and Dali’s depiction of surrealism is quite eye opening.

An interesting quote from the book:   “The fact that I myself don’t immediately understand my paintings does not imply that they have any meaning. On the contrary, their meaning is so deep, systematic, and complex that their interpretation requires scientific knowledge . . .  They are the precise expression of a secret, symbolic language of the subconscious”.Salvador Dali, 1976

I love to open books randomly to see what the Universe desires to reveal and one morning the page opened showing the Burning Giraffe (below) by Dali.   Straight afterwards I went for my morning jog in the country lane behind our estate and to my surprise I found a toy giraffe on the floor near a piece of blue string that looked like a cross.  This was quite startling.  Intuitively I knew “analyze exactly where you found the giraffe.”  As I looked around I found a sign for the children’s Montessori School at the exact location of the “evidence.”

The Burning Giraffe painting I was admiring by Dali:

The_Burning_GiraffeThe Giraffe I found with the blue string:

DSCN4655When I came home I looked up the Montessori schooling method which is an educational approach to children based on the research and experiences of Italian physician and educator, Maria Montessori (1870–1952). It arose essentially from Dr. Montessori’s discovery of what she referred to as “the child’s true normal nature” in 1907. She discovered during her experimental observation of young children that given freedom in an environment prepared with materials designed for their self-directed learning activity children are able to support and sustain their true natural way of being. Applying this method involves the teacher in viewing the child as having an “inner natural guidance” for its own perfect self-directed development. WOW what an incredible discovery. I reflected when my nephew asked for help I had directed him to work from his heart and he proved that the process worked.

What does this experience mean?   Children have an inner intuitive nature like we all do.  We must help preserve the true Spirit of our children whether at home or in our educational system. As parents and adults we must not cover up the “shining diamonds” looking to shine through each child. We must nurture children in a creative way so that they may be allowed free space to give birth to what is already within them.

I have realized that synchronicity (more than coincidences) does not stop with single “evidence.”  Everything in the Universe is connected to something else. A bigger picture view or message for humanity can be deciphered if we pay close attention. We must all learn the art of tuning into our own intuition. As we all begin to connect our own dots and take action we will begin walking towards the ONENESS of humanity. Imagine the FUN living in tune with ONE Happy Source Energy!

Following the above experiences I noticed in November 2009, 14 Dali statues were air lifted to the Courchevel, French Alps Ski resort for an exhibition.  The interesting thing is the way the exhibit is mentioned on the site:  “The “Dali au Sommet” exhibition will bring 7 original “monumental” works (up to 7 m high) and 7 original “museum” works by Salvador Dali to the Courchevel resort and ski area.  Note the numbers represent 777. Remember Dali said in his own words that his work “was the precise expression of a secret, symbolic language of the subconscious.”   Do the numbers 777 have meaning?  I believe so. However, perhaps the reader might want to do some of their own intuitive investigation into this topic and connect back with me to exchange and explore what the ONE Happy Source Energy wants to reveal to us all!

The reason I mention to take note of the “words” used to portray the exhibit is because I was featured in the Guelph Mercury for a toilet project and I realized after this personal “experience” that certain words in the article “popped and spoke silently to my intuitive senses” almost like Morse code encrypted within the media article.

The real question is WHY are the statues at this location, nothing is an accident in life but fusion and movement of Higher Intelligence. Watch the interesting video of the statues being airlifted and being set up here.   The Alice in Wonderland and the Space Elephant pieces are very intriguing.

I highly recommend viewing the Dali Universe  site in London to see more of this geniuses masterful creations.

I recently discovered Salvador – Bahia site – note my maiden name was Bahia (father side.)  Perhaps some long lost ancestry yet to be discovered, who knows but life is very exciting living in the NOW.

Another interesting discovery during my rendezvous with Dali’s works was his artist friend Man Ray (phonetics in Punjabi means Man (Mind) Ray (as in Light) was part of the Dada artistic movement which included Sound Poetry an art form bridging between literary and musical composition, in which the phonetic aspects of human speech are foregrounded. My teacher is the Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh Wisdom Teacher) and the writings are all based on phonetics tuned to musical compositions of pure poetry. Worth noting my nephew who created Dali’s fluid clock, his family name is Dhada! Absolutely amazing how interconnected we ALL are irrespective of our cultural background. It would appear that the Universe is already encoded with clues if we desire to play the Game of Life.

Following this posting another incident occurred where the number 777 (phonetically in Punjabi it represents Sat, Sat, Sat i.e. Truth, Truth, Truth) presented itself on several instances in one day during a trip to California.  The full story Learn To Trust Signs can be read online.  Be vigilant, we are not alone and ONE Happy Source Energy is here in many shapes and forms if we desire to hook up and have some FUN in life. New Frontiers are awaiting your discovery.

Let Go. Simply Trust Life.

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