Singing Rewires Stroke Victim’s Brain

The power of the musical tones has been known for centuries on the ability to soothe and provide a sense of balance to the heart, mind, body and spirit.

A study was conducted in San Diego on a stroke victim that has shown the hidden depth and potential of musical notes on the physical body and in this case the brain.

The attached article is fascinating as it demonstrates how a patient was unable to speak after brain damage but by simply singing the patient was able to use the right side of the brain area that allowed a connection to the “singing center.”

To tune into higher states of consciousness or aid concentration/focus Eastern Indian meditation practices teach the process of listening to certain musical tones everyday.  Having personally practiced the process of kirtan which entails reciting a mantra or singing/listening to short poetry verses has greatly helped me tune into my intuitive senses.

With regular practice (normally early in the morning has worked in my case) I have started to notice some incredible sensations in the brain area, similar to a tapping and cooling sensation. The results are incredibly relaxing and a greater awareness has definitely instilled as a result.

Check out the fascinating full article here:

So go ahead, relax, tune into ANY favorite music tones of your own choice but remember to tune into the words being spoken as they “speak” at multiple levels of awareness!

Let Go. Simply Trust Life.

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