Lucky Number 13 – The Universe is Watching!

The Universe Talks In Sign Language and Phonetics

The Universe is very intelligent and I have found it operates like an intelligent game. Below is a story from my trip to Haiti in 2010 which I hope will inspire and empower you.

A sudden inner pull to drop everything and leave for Haiti emerged when the earthquake hit. My son’s both accompanied me and we volunteered with United Sikhs a United Nations Non-Governmental Organization who were providing hot food to the victims.

I was guided via intuition (which I normally call my Inner GPS Guru) to take the right actions where I was able to secure six FREE airline tickets to Haiti compliments of Westjet Airlines. Trust me the process was a little odd and went against my beliefs originally but the tickets were simply waiting for me to take the right actions to receive them. Sometimes it is easier to hand it over to the Universe.

All I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for all I have not seen
Ralph Waldo Emerson

When we arrived in Port-au-Prince, I asked aloud “why are we really here in Haiti Guru?”  I had other intuitive experiences and was “feeling” there was a deeper message. Just at that moment I looked across from the Sikh camp and noticed logo letters and they read “DKDR 13.”  My consciousness translated that data as “I’m Watching – 13.”  You have to say it phonetically and in Punjabi. I suddenly had an overwhelming feeling of Guru Nanak (the founder of the Sikhism) communicating with me silently through signs!

As a young youth Guru Nanak was working as a store keeper of the state granary. Once in the process of weighing, when he reached thirteen (13), he went into a meditative state and continued weighing and counting repeatedly “Teraa ! Teraa ! Teraa ! Teraa ! Teraa ! . . . “Thine ! Thine ! Thine ! Thine ! Thine !  Guru Nanak gave away more than the requested amounts to customers and caused a fury with the owners.

Teraa arithmetically means thirteen (13) but spiritually Guru Nanak meant, ‘All Thine’, meaning Everything Belongs to the Infinite Creator. It is also the reason why number thirteen is perceived as a lucky number by many Sikhs. When an end of day assessment was done of the granary, there was no decrease in the store stock and it was found to be accurate and in order. A divine miracle had occurred.

There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as if everything is a miracle.
Albert Einstein – Scientist

To continue on the theme of thirteen (13), when we were on route to the Haiti airport we booked into a hotel and were given room numbers thirteen (13) and fourteen.  At the airport we were allocated seat numbers thirteen (13) and fourteen for the flight.  These incidents were more than a coincidence; I knew this in my heart. My Inner Spiritual Teacher (the heart GPS) was intuitively “communicating” with me to take note of things that caught my eye and ears, and then to document the evidences.

Gauree 13:
Your command is upon my head, and I no longer question it.
You are the river, and You are the boatman; salvation comes from You.
Saint Kabir – Guru Granth Sahib – 338

In the Sikh faith these “signs” are referred to as Anubhav Parkash (knowledge through Intuition), the rational or reasoning mind does not apply to experiential spiritual experiences. Deepak Chopra has an excellent book called The Book of Secrets and elaborates how the Universe is always sending signals/signs and messages and that each of us should be “open” to understanding the clues thrown in our direction guiding us through this journey of life.

Since returning from Haiti I started to notice an overwhelming number of times the number thirteen had been occurring especially in media news stories. Google with all their power should be able to churn out a report with their algorithmic backbone and provide the statistics and evidence.

What I find really interesting is the fact that the US ONE dollar bill uses, 13 arrows, 13 stars, 13 pearls, 13 stripes, 13 olives with 13 leaves and 13 steps representing the triangle pyramid. To top that, the dollar bill reads In God We Trust with the Eye of Providence representing the Egyptian Sky God Horus deity.  The triangle is clearly the Trinity in Christianity and in Hinduism the Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Supreme Godhead and preserver) and Shiva (destroyer or transformer) deities.   In reality though, there is only ONE Game Director operating this incredible movie and not three and we are all connected to this ONE Universal Intelligence!

There is ONE awareness among all created beings.
Guru Granth Sahib – 1407

I often wonder how many people realize that the US currency states In God We Trust. Perhaps we should fall back a little on that Trust because I have personally found life flows a lot smoother when we realize we are not the only doers of our actions.

Your Light Pervades Fire, Water and Souls; Your Power Rests in the Primal Void.
From this Primal Void, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva issued forth.

Guru Granth Sahib – 1037

Guru Nanak voiced his views clearly … the Primordial ONE created all the Gods, Goddesses and Demi-Gods.  The Primordial Formless ONE is diffused throughout the creation and controls the entire world play. Guru Nanak teachings relay a simple message “Go Direct to the Source that made your cells and the entire Universe, then you will realize you are immortal and timeless.”

In addition, I had another experience that related to number thirteen 13 although at that time I did not see the connection to the Haiti experience. I decided to go on a nature discovery walk in Waterdown, Ontario through Sleepy Hollow a Bruce Trail forest walk. Just before entering the forest the organizer mentioned “Enjoy the walk and Mother Nature may give you a gift.” At that particular time I remember rolling my eyes thinking the comment was some sort of new age lingo, which I did not believe in.  During the walk all sorts of plants were discussed and their health benefits. Just as I was returning from the walk I automatically looked down at a step and noticed the letter M which made me laugh as it reminded me of the chaps comment “Mother Nature may give you a gift.”  Then I noticed there were 13 nails making up the letter M. The letter M is also the 13th letter of the alphabet. OK, so Mother Nature sent me a “wireless signal” yes this is how we “speak” through signs!

As I drove out of Waterdown I noticed that the letter M was missing in the Lion’s Club (Singh in Sikhism means Lion) building reading COM UNITY which immediately translated through my intuitive senses as “communicate unity.” The Sikh Scripture always refers to steps (pauri’s) that each soul must climb to get closer to the reality of our Higher Self. It is a process whereby we must conquer the fear of death. Only when we become fearless do we have the courage to LIVE LIFE FREELY and not based on what others want of us. Then we truly begin to love life authentically and express ourselves through our joy. I was beginning to subtly understand the rich spiritual metaphors or the “read between the lines” medieval “speak” which my modern British/Canadian/Punjabi rationally tuned mind was totally out of sync with.

As long as the body is alive, he reads other things, and forgets the letter ‘M’, which stands for “marnaa” – death
Guru Granth Sahib – 434

(Letter M) MAMMA: Those who understand God’s mystery
Guru Granth Sahib – 259

It did not take me too long to discover that “word play” is an inherent part of poetry and the divine game/play.  I started to question the “signs” as a rationally focused mind does and shortly thereafter, a friend suggested I read up on the The Poem of the Alphabet or Patti Likhi by Guru Nanak. It is documented that when Guru Nanak asked his teacher the meaning of the letter S the teacher advised him it just meant S. To which Guru Nanak responded it had a deeper meaning and started reciting the entire thirty-five letters of the Gurmukhi alphabet with a poetic verse attached to each letter.

(S) Sassa: The ONE who created the world, is the One Creator and Master of all.
Guru Granth Sahib – 432

I no longer question too many things and have realized to simply trust and keep tuned into the wireless signals of the Universe that send love guidance and offer true understanding of things that may not be obvious at first sight. Sometimes events that appear quite out of place actually have an under current of inter-relatedness and become obvious once the dots are connected.

For every thing, however, God has created a sign and symbol,
and has established standards and tests by which it may be known

This is the time for humanity to wake up and be vigilant my friends. Everyday we are sent signals of guidance. We are living in a very Intelligent Universe, simply imagine a mega HEART+MIND and we’re all connected to it. We are being watched – put’s a whole new spin on the Big Brother Reality TV Show. We must become conscious of our words and our actions (energies.) We are energy beings and what we do impacts all things around us.

If we send negative “signals” to the Universe, the Universe will reflect those ideas and images back to us like a living movie.  We remain stuck because we keep seeing the same old stuff beaming back to us based on our beliefs. If we tune into the Universal Intelligence it will guide us beautifully. We will begin to trust the greater whole and live fearlessly. Trust we are much more than we think, we are co-creators of our reality – the world truly is a stage of discovery and adventure.

Not by studying, but through understanding, is the Creator’s mystery revealed
Guru Granth Sahib

Haiti had many experiences for me on my journey of life.  My children grew inside out. I realized they were no longer “my property” but an expression of the Universe that had to be set free. I did not ask my husband for permission to GO as his instant reaction would have been NO due to the danger he perceived in his mind. So my son’s and I arranged everything and then said “we’re leaving for Haiti” and that was our test of being fearless. My husband had no problem with our adventure once he knew it was done!  The Haiti experience was/is for all of the souls that were engaged in that “reality movie” a reminder to empower ourselves and others with positive ideas. An opportunity to love more and learn about our other brothers and sisters seeking assistance in this world where we are ALL ONE behind the tapestry we may not be able to perceive right now.

Read more about how the Universe sends signals of guidance – 222 Evidence Trail Learn To Trust Signs.

Let Go. Simply Trust Life.

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