Exploring & Uniting With Cultures

Who would have guessed a trip to an ink printer supply shop would open up an opportunity to experience another culture with vivid dimensions of color more than anyone could imagine coming from a click-click printer!

Jessica served me graciously with ink but my ever inquisitive “spiritually activated” heart wanted to learn more about her background and culture. Jessica mentioned she was new to Canada from China and she volunteered with the Chinese Seniors Association in Mississauga.

Jessica continued to reveal that her village in China was near the Terra Cotta Warrior exploration site and that was a fascinating discovery for me as someday I hope to visit China.  We chatted and it appeared we both had much in common especially in respect to sharing cultural gifts and promoting unity of humanity.

A few weeks later Jessica called to inquire if I would be interested in attending the Chinese New Year Celebration Gala in Mississauga. I was absolutely ecstatic as I now allow the Universe to connect me with other cultures. Sometimes the right opportunities to grow are presented but our instincts to take action are hindered by fear. The path to nurturing our soul requires treading the unknown path of life because I believe that is where true beauty and the mystical secrets reside.

As a Citizen of the Universe I am an explorer and vigilant dot connector. I now make it my business to expand my knowledge of fellow brothers and sisters on this planet.  In doing so, I have experienced many surprise blessings and comical “signs” from the Universe.

The venue was a Catholic Chinese Church in Mississauga, a beautiful church with a wonderful sized hall to accommodate the gala. As I entered a young youth welcomed me and offered to escort me to my seat. Asking him his name he replied “Ali” I smiled within my heart as the day before I was reading up on Ali the son-in-law of Prophet Mohammed.  Ali mentioned he was simply volunteering to help out the organizers.

The celebrations were primarily in Chinese but that did not deter me from enjoying all the rainbow of entertainment varying from dance, poetry, musicians, magician, martial artists and singing including a surprise performance by a very well established Chinese opera singer visiting Canada. I realized it was not the understanding of the words but more about connecting with the Universal spirit that underlies the whole of creation.  Music, dance and singing has the potential to break all cultural boundaries when the expression is done with love, and I was feeling an immense amount of love and joy during the event.

The Mississauga Youth impressed me immensely in their speech declaring they would honor, respect and support the Chinese elder community for all the hard work they had done in helping build Canada into a great nation it is today.

Interestingly I noticed that the elders appeared to be very young and Jessica advised that some men and women were in their seventies, yet their dance movements were flowing like smooth streams, truly amazing. Many of us could certainly learn an immense amount from the Chinese culture and I wondered what the “secret sauce of vitality and youth” might be!

Jessica introduced me to a gentleman friend who had recently emigrated from Palestine. We got chatting on how wonderful the celebrations were and how the dances, music and martial arts were similar in other cultures. Imagine watching Chinese dance movements that appeared like Southern and Northern Indian genre, dance outfits that reflected hints of Native Indian, Egyptian and Dutch cultures, opera that sounded like Italian masters, martial sword movements similar to Gatka (Sikh martial arts) and a grand chorus singing Russian heroic hymns … true fusion of cultural “gifts.”  A full platter of sweet delights I had not expected and I remember contemplating WOW, what a wonderful intelligent design full of surprises the Universe has in store for us when we are ready to explore.

All the performances certainly broadened my perception of how intertwined as human beings we all are and how broad the Chinese culture actually is fusing many creative expressions.

Imagine the beauty of life if we all allowed the song of the Universe in its full vibrancy to dance and flow through each of us.

Toward the end of the event lotteries were drawn and a surprise awaited my vigilant attention. My Palestinian friend won a prize; a bag of rice. Eagle Patna basmati rice! He asked me if I wanted it. I told him HE was the lucky one because intuitively I knew it was a sign from the Universe. The tenth Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh (Universal Teacher of Wisdom) was born in Patna, India and I felt he was sending me a hint that my new friend and I shared a united “brotherly/sisterly connection!”

Recognize the Human Race as ONE
Guru Gobind Singh

The riddles and hints are given, and she sees them with her eyes
Guru Granth Sahib – Ang 217

The One Creator is in all actions, colors and forms.
One manifests in many shapes through wind, water and fire
Guru Granth Sahib – Ang 930

Upon exit I was handed a beautiful red money envelope a Chinese gesture of Good Luck for 2012. Who knows what 2012 has in store, what I do know for sure, I was a very, very lucky person to have experienced something that perhaps money could not buy and that was pure collective Love of Life Energy!

The whole experience of Chinese New Year Celebrations helped me understand that Canada has a treasure trove of unexplored talent. We all have the ability to entertain and share of ourselves with others if we choose. The Chinese community certainly knew how to enjoy life and allow their Spirit to shine through while respecting the elders of their community. The event truly inspired me and I hope many other cultures will also get to experience this celebration in the future.

Let Go. Simply Trust Life.

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