Bell Let’s Talk Mental Wellness

Bell Canada (telecommunications company) had their annual mental wellness campaign yesterday. Bell Let’s Talk is a wide-reaching, multi-year program designed to break the silence around mental illness and support mental health all across Canada.

Mental wellness is critical to the Universal Creative process. The world is contained within “a universal dreamer / mind.” If WE forget the Universal Source that powers all things and no longer nourish the Spirit of life within us we end up with a “the lights are on but nobody’s home syndrome.”

“Conquer Your Own Mind, Conquer The Universe” – Nanak

When we receive an idea via instincts we take note. Our limited understanding of “where the idea flows from” limits our creative ability as we stake claim and ownership of the idea. Sometimes the me, my, mine mindset can stop the natural creative flow that continually expands anew. Perhaps a better statement could be “we tapped into the Universal Creative Source and this is what we received as inspiration.”

EVERYONE with no exception I believe has access to the same universal source energy that blooms as a flower, a grain of wheat, gives birth to a baby or molds into the shape of a toy, and even enables the ears to hear the sound of speech coming from a tongue that can not hear the syllables it speaks!

How often do we “listen to the silence” as Kabir quotes. Silence does have a voice! It speaks via instincts, the feeling stuff of our cellular body. We are the senders and receivers of massive data responding to our desires. We think a thought through our mental faculties and we receive an answer. The key is to be vigilant to hear how the answers come back to us. Prayer in the past has been used as the means to communicate with our Higher Self, Source, or whatever name we choose to assign to this Universal Source. But a simple act of writing out our mental thoughts and then finding an answer from within is attainable.

A few years ago Bell CTV televised a program entitled The Listener. “The Listener is a Canadian fantasy drama created by Michael Amo. The series stars Craig Olejnik as Toby Logan, a paramedic with telepathic powers, who finds himself consulting with law enforcement to make a change in the world by helping others while listening to the thoughts of victims and criminals, and seeing images that they saw. ”

It is SO easy to define the world as fantasy for any mental experience a human being may have that does not fit the “Standard Template” of what we expect LIFE to yield to us. But many of us know that telepathy is not out of the reach of man. It is what all communication technology is “hinting and pointing towards” a direct wireless communication with the Universal Higher Self! We can deny our Spiritual gifts or we can embrace them and use them for the betterment of all. The choice is always in our individual and collective hands.

I share an image. An image that has a smiley face and a speech bubble. It is a sticker used by Bell Canada for their mental wellness campaign and I happened to see it this morning stuck on the kitchen island as is. Yes I was a little surprised but my gut instincts suggested I write on the topic.

Bell Let's Talk

My husband was given the sticker at his workplace yesterday promoting mental health. This could be a coincidence but I recognize these “signs” as precision timing for an idea whose time has come.

The sticker contains two image patterns that may have many meanings for people of various cultures. No words are used only images but I instinctively “know” that the speech bubble is an image idea to emphasis speech. The smile image reflects a message of smile and be happy. The whole image could be translated as “happy silent speech.”

Having used the Samsung Instinct phone on the Bell network I wondered how many people actually take note of the words on devices we use everyday. Do we question the true meaning of an object? The word Instinct in Sanskrit translates as sahaja-buddhi – natural response. The dictionary defines it as inborn pattern of behavior often responsive to specific stimuli. Samsung is Korean for Tri-star or Sam (three) Sung (stars.) Perhaps Sam Sung the whole Universe into being including the Samsung!

“… start trusting your analysis, your judgment, and even your instincts a little more.” – Steve Jobs

What if Steve Jobs had ignored his instincts. Would we be enjoying the Apple line of products today? Do we love the product or the sustainer of the products that continue to operate on the Universal Source Energy?

Children are being born with there natural instincts intact. They are already prewired to “speak and communicate with the Universal Source.” We are learning from these new fresh energies (children) coming forward. Sit with a child and see for yourself the signals are evident. We must allow these fresh seeds to bloom based on the Here and Now Reality that which is “their personal birthright and life plan.” Reach beyond your existing belief system and blend into the Universal Source of ALL and see how reality shifts as you will be shown through your OWN eyes the magical Universe awaiting the adventurous souls.

Akal means Timeless. We are Eternal and Timeless. When we remember this then what need is there for us to think thoughts of lack and fear or even project these types of mental thought patterns into the Universe via our TV stations or Internet devices? As a mother and grandmother now, what need is there to send our children off to war to fight against the ONE Universal Source Energy? We are rebelling against our own other selves! Remove the colour of the skin, the speech patterns the dress and see how my light is any different to your light. When we kill we do not kill the eternal whole which is indestructible and NEVER TAKES BIRTH! My belief taught me that the Creator is Fearless and therefore as an extension of the Creator we are all born fearless. Fear creates doubt and doubt creates stagnation of individual Creative Expression.

Lack and fear are the types of thoughts leading to the mental imbalance we are experiencing through society. My mother had what was coined dementia. But I realize now as a family we were not able to understand and deal with her spiritual yearnings. But there is hope! Identify the locations of the mental institutions and there within the Names/Logos you have the greatest clues of the Great mystery unfolding. The Beloved Creator expands through us and therefore knows every intricate detail of a leaf falling off a tree and the location of Mental Wellness Centers. It’s a blueprint of Discovery, the threshold WE have all been waiting to explore. The signposts, the signals brilliantly laid out.

“Sign me up”
Bill Hader Apple iPhone 6 advert instructing Siri

By openly embracing the Spiritual nature of Life in all things we will usher in a new set of mental wellness experiences for humanity which I believe lie dormant until we are ready for them.

Live free and allow all others to live free. Respect and nourish your inner source. Dream more empowering thoughts of how you expect your reality to unfold. It is how we attain our blissful state while still living in a human body. As WE adapt to the WE mindset, WE will all grow in leaps and bounds respecting the choices each of us makes.

Share your own personal stories and empower others with the experiential. Nourish others with love, but remember love begins with YOU first then it flows out. Belittling another does nothing for collective consciousness or the united heart. Simply remember we are senders and receivers of massive data like a large satellite broadcasting to the Universe. We receive back our our mental thought patterns. Pick the beautiful, peaceful, amazing ones.

And one more thing … always remember to Smile!


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