Planet ABC PlayDome

Name Word is Delightful play

Everyday we are bombarded with images, words and letters. Constantly pinging us. How often do we STOP, take a breath and FOCUS on what we are reading?

Reading is an actual art. Sometimes, we may not have to read the whole page to get the gist of the message! One word is enough to hook into Universal Infinite Intelligence that has a witty sense of humor constantly pinging us to relax and creatively play along. Poets, authors, actors have come and gone and sometimes the wit is so obvious that we may want to pinch ourselves for not having noticed sooner. But as they say nothing unfolds until the right time. The Universe never makes mistakes but precise sharing when we are “READY.”

When we ask for answers to life questions the Universe can not deny us an answer. The answers come based on our perspective and belief system. A wink here and a nudge there, the LINGO speaks in sublime ways awakening us to the reality that planet earth is a Joyful Co-Creative Workshop and underlying ALL things there is UNITY. We co-create our reality with the Creative Source that fuels ALL.

“Creative Being Personified” (Karta Purukh) … had read this quote many times by Guru Nanak (poet, rebel, householder, explorer) and only recently it kept ringing in my consciousness. Of course the co-creative journey. When we align with the Supreme Being/Creative Source we realize we are co-creators of our reality. The broader our perspective of reality the greater the chances of SEEING the actions of the Creative Being residing in all. Hence the quotes often cited in the Sikh poetry we have no one to blame but our own actions. The fruits of our desires manifest according to our own actions.

Back to the ABC’s. Google has launched a new company; Alphabet a collection of companies Google being one of them. I quote from their website “This new structure will allow us to keep tremendous focus on the extraordinary opportunities we have inside of Google. A key part of this is Sundar Pichai.”

The name Sundar caught my attention. Sundar means beautiful and Pichai means older brother so we have Beautiful Older Brother or Sundar Pichai. Alphabet letters, that create words, that have deeper meaning. Another company coming under the Alphabet fold is Calico. Now Namdev another poet whose wise words are contained in the Sikh (means learn) wisdom poetry book came from a calico printer/tailor family. He wrote many three-fold word poems. This was the first hint that my consciousness was being tuned to the Divine Comedy (jagat tamasha) realm.

How often have we read words on T-shirts and clothing. I think there is hardly a brand that does not “publish” it’s brand message on clothing these days using letters or numbers. From Sportswear, T-shirts, sweaters, caps, socks, blankets, underwear even bra’s containing the ALPHABET letters consisting of words or logos (LOGOS is the Greek word for Name or The Word!)

Have we ever stopped for a second to reflect. What if the Universal Creative Being is actually “connecting” with us? What if this is how the Universe “speaks to us.” The right place at the right time with the perfect “words” or “alphabet” speaking to us in a sublime way? Billboards, newspapers, magazines, websites, brochures, marketing advertising ALL speaking trying to get a message across at the sublime level? One Creative Being Personified, no judging just doing it’s Creative Thing SMILING on us as we go about our daily routines, finally cluing us into the Planetary Game. As the quote states “The Name is my Delight, the Name is my Play and Entertainment.” Interestingly I now live in a village with a small bakery called Delight!

Funny how I never explored the meaning of NAMES or WORDS prior to my love affair with the Universe! We know our basic ABC’s but perhaps it is time to start exploring further and see what the Universe desires to unfold for each of us.

I could write much on this but perhaps the most interesting experience I had was when I was invited to attend the Ontario Multi-Faith Councils annual meeting held at Jackson’s Point in Ontario. I recalled how my dad often took me to a local park in Kent, England called Jackson’s Park. My friend called me the night before and suggested I attend to represent the Sikh faith and more importantly I would get a chance to interact with many people from various faith backgrounds. At that point in time I was exploring various cultural beliefs and as I aligned with my inner being the Universe “orchestrated an event.” An event I really did NOT want to attend. I recalled Nanak’s quote a true learner (sikh) is one that explores FOUR CORNERS, so I finally decided to go.

My friend mentioned I would have to share a room with another attendee. Not excited about this part of the trip I remember I said aloud “OK Teacher (Guru) you know I like my hotel space, but if I have to share a room I will.”

Upon arrival at Jackson Point, the first object to catch my eyes attention was a picture of Jesus. As I turned towards the reception desk I saw a young lady with the words “Have A Good Time” printed on the back of her green T-Shirt! I smiled because in those few seconds I realized I was having a “conversation with the Universal Team One.” The poetry I have immersed myself in teaches, “all the Sages/Saints play together” or another modern way to reflect on this would be “All United Consciousnesses” play together.

The receptionist happily announced that I had a room to myself. Phew I was a happy camper.

Not long after during a coffee break the organizers approached me with the following questions:
“Is your name Mandip?”
“Oh, last night at 9 pm we realized you were a woman, we had you sharing a room with a man and made last minute changes so you have a room of your own.”

Of course I smiled and laughed. Did the Universe orchestrate this just so I could realize the non-physical interaction through the medium of art paintings and letters printed on clothing? I am smart enough to believe in serendipity (happy surprises that take the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for) but not ignorant to call it a coincidence.

To YOUR happy ABC play unfolding, bit by bit. YOUR personal boundless creative script awaits. Be daring YOU were born to Co-Create and “make a DENT in the Universe!”


*LOL to my Iris (eye recognition) engineering friends!

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