Who Threw The Dice?

Game of Dice

Dice has been used as a metaphor for eons.

“God not only plays dice, but also sometimes throws
them where they cannot be seen.”
Stephen Hawking

“The dice of Zeus always fall luckily.”

I was invited to speak at a local multi-faith learning conference. After my speech a lady named “Mary” approached me and shared how she had painted a painting of the Golden Temple in Amritsar. We small chatted and she suggested I visit the local St Georges Church one Sunday, if I had free time. She thought I would really enjoy it because a bunch of Brit’s from England were in the congregation.

The following weekend I got ready and went to Church! As a fun seeking Universal explorer I often take these “gestures” as “hints” to follow. I have no problems singing hymns from the Bible; a natural experience for me because we sang hymns as part of our morning school assembly in the UK.

I remember the children were having a hoot. Running around while hymns were sung banging small tambourines against their tiny hands. No strict process was in place and it was quite refreshing to see a relaxed gathering. While singing a hymn I happened to glance at a wall plaque “This Church Was Built By George Dice.” I nearly burst out with laughter. The “Dice” … the Universal was revealing a “sublime comedy” about the word DICE. I was given a small torch light with St Georges logo on it. It is no coincidence that Mohawk Casino is just up the road from this church in Campbellville, Ontario. Life is a loving, playful drama stage. The props are set including the Dice and the Tambourine. The Universal game players are in place – focus, navigate and fine tune your own personal playground script, whatever that may be.


The first quote I share above today is by Sage Kabir. The word Lalit means charming and playful. Playful indeed! When we read “imperishable” words of wisdom they echo through eternity. Words have the ability to bring “home” Clarity and Divine Wisdom we are seeking in a very personal and sometimes comical way. We simply need to follow the cues and decipher our own personal message from ANY experience.

Who is St George? St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem, a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag. St George’s emblem was adopted by Richard The Lion Heart and brought to England in the 12th century.

Don’t be afraid to explorer beyond your comfort zone. Humanity is one mega family. All the 40+ (forty) authors contained in the Sikh (learner) book of wisdom were of one mindset. They all recognized the unity of the Creator and Creation as one entity that does not take physical birth but is omnipresent in all actions.They were poets, singers, philosophers, cobblers, weavers, calico printers, from Muslim, Brahmin, Sufi, Hindu and other backgrounds. Their words were transcribed in over 22 (twenty-two) languages documented in a standard phonetic script called Gurmukhi. Imagine writing a single letter using 22 languages today! Hence sometimes it takes a little time to comprehend the “multiple” meanings a single word can have. Their “words” are alive today as they were the day they wrote them, because they understood the Timeless (Akal beyond time and space) consciousness, which is always NOW.

Clear Understanding

We are all brothers and sisters. I have no doubt of this in my heart and mind now. Playing a game like hide and seek and discovering things at a personal level about how we are all united and extensions of One Universal (whatever name we assign.) Imagine the FUN I would have missed if I had declined Mary’s offer. Choice is a beautiful thing. My new mantra is Clear Understanding.

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