Why Is Steve Job’s Holding His Chin?


“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”
Steve Jobs

While viewing my library collection and picking up a copy of “Steve Jobs The Man Who Thought Different” by Karen Blumenthal my friend suggested I should really read Steve Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson. Politely I said I would and gave it no further thought.

A few weeks later my husband while mowing the grass struck a stone which bounced up and cracked our rear view windscreen on our van. My husband arranged for the windscreen to be replaced and not over excited at the thought of waiting a couple of hours while the work was done, suggested I go get the repairs done.

On the way to the automotive repair shop I stopped by Winners. Winners is a Canadian retail store that sells house furnishing goods and clothing. While wandering around the decorative section I noticed Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson book on the shelf. The book beautifully placed stood out and “caught my attention.” I laughed as only a few weeks earlier my relative had suggested I read the book. The funny thing is that who would expect “that book” to be in a store like Winners! I guess the Universe knows and puts all the jigsaw pieces together in a timely fashion, we just need to cooperate, be vigilant and have FUN.While searching for the above image I just realized the photograph on this book is different than all others currently being sold which is a photo of an older Steve Jobs.

I just noticed the “name” Norman Seeff on the above image. Now “nor” can also mean light as in Ek Nor (one light.) Man also means “mind.” The word “see” is obvious but what about FF? A few years ago a little child was wearing a T-Shirt and I asked what does FF mean and she responded Friends Forever. Of course there is ONE Consciousness and it works through all of us and SEE’s through all of us so surely it would be Friends Forever with all of us?

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers,
the round pegs in the square holes … the ones who see things differently.”
Steve Jobs

I dropped off my vehicle and waited out the two hours at a local coffee shop with a great book that EASILY found its way into my life.

Now I shared a very inspiring quote, the word Krissang means “Attraction.” There is much on the Internet and in the world today that talks about the Law of Attraction. What we think about we attract, co-creators of reality. It is an easy formula to understand we are magnetically being connected to things that are of interest to us or perhaps our highest good – personal evolution.

The company that repaired our vehicle was called Skyline Reflections. Now in Punjabi Sky is translated as Akash, Line is Lakeer (there is a Sikh temple in India named after “line” and finally, Reflections or Vichar (like a mirror) we begin to see the words finally taking shape in the world. Akash Lakeer Vichar our inner and outer reality become ONE United materialized experiential journey. Not just dead Shabad (words) but ALIVE and speaking if we have the courage to pay attention and live our Truth the Universe yields easily. Now here is the surprise … the address of Skyline Reflections was 71, the quote above is also line number 71 of 199 lines in this poem. This is how I am being “synchronized” and “tuned in” to the Universe. Direct access, no middle man but simply viewing the storyboard bit by bit as and when it reveals itself. The Logo’s are “speaking” and revealing at a gut level the Creative ways the Universe can connect with us and make it`s point or message clear.

In the beginning was the Logos, and the
Logo’s was with God, and the Logo’s was God”
John 1:1

Now let’s not forget Steve visited India. He visited the Hari Krishna temples and ate food there according to his biography. He practiced Zen meditation. He realized intuition was key and more importantly self actualization. There are myriad of ways to do this not based on strict rules or previous ideas. Fresh new in the moment ways to stay FOCUSED and CONNECTED.

Finally, the chin. Why is Steve holding his chin? While comically sharing this story with my niece in Australia she happened to casually mention that in the chin area there is a nerve called the Mental Nerve!!!

What a Mental Nerve it is indeed … the patterns, guises, unfolding are limitless.

Happy Exploring my Friends, the Universe has our Peace of Mind and Back. It Surprises and Delights to no end, if we CHOOSE the path of smoothing sailing anything is possible in a Universe that has no beginning, middle or end. Love it ALL.

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