The Actor and Play!


We all love movies. Movies remind us that life is just a moving picture. A picture that can take so many twists and turns. So many actors, so many guises and so many stories.

What if real day to day life was also staged like a movie and the programming / broadcasting device that fine tuned our day to day movie was our own mind! A mind connected to a Cosmic Universal Mind that allows free creative expression.

What if this simple idea was once known by our ancestors and is gradually coming back to us through memory recall, dreams or intuitive guidance.

If we never believe in the possibility then how can we ever experience such an idea?

I choose to believe in the Actor and Play idea. The more I believe the clearer the “evidence” presents itself!

The quote I have used from Guru (teacher) Arjun Dev is on page 280. I did not realize the value of 280 until I noticed the Apple’s Maps icon showing interstate 280 which passes by Apple’s Infinite Loop address.

Like all good movies there are sequels to some stories worth expanding! My family moved into a new house (now sold!) numbered 280. And of course the MAP of the area was worth exploring. Just like a GPS positioning system the Actor moves around the earth Playground like a hide and seek game and eventually we all get to experience the “Peek-a-Boo” effect!

The clues are scattered everywhere for the witty ones to discover. Mary of Guise Queen of Scots.

Relax into the Infinite Games unfolding all around us. Life is staged like a movie. Find the root source of your Play.

Your Play will Finally Set You FREE!

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