Think! Earth Goods – Canada 150

150 Earth Goods

Canada is celebrating 150 years. The number 150 is simply a marker for a much grander unfolding.

“Come together and celebrate Canada’s linguistic, cultural and regional diversity, as well as its rich history and heritage.” – Government of Canada

Diversity is a beautiful thing. Exploring other cultures allows us all to question our own roots. Roots that go way beyond 150 years. Roots that connect us all through four separated eons.

Every physical object we create comes from the raw material of earth. Our bodies will eventually return to the husbandry of the earth. They will become raw material for other consciousness adventures.

When our consciousness begins to bloom we finally begin to contemplate this fact.

“Through faith and trust, we receive spiritual wisdom and meditation from You.” Guru Granth Sahib – 150

Your computer, television, cell phone, cell towers, data centers, satellite dishes, airplanes, ships, cars, trucks, bikes, helmets, buildings, washing machines, coffee machines, stoves, microwaves, toasters, books, pens, paper clips, beds, carpets, toys, clothing, jewellery, and oh lets not forget the LIPSTICK! All from the Great Earth we call home.

What power exists behind this raw material? How does this power keep everything “intact?” given our understanding of atoms and molecules?

How evident the Actor and Play become when we realize the earth provides freely water, air, food and raw materials to create goods for sustaining our needs. What are all these objects worth to the earth from whence they came?

Take time to contemplate. Explore your consciousness. Focus on the raw materials. Focus on who you buy from and who you sell to. Be fair in your trade. Let your imagination free wheel now and again. See what NEW ideas begin to bloom in that beautiful body frame. Then watch them unfold right before your EYES.

Happy 150th Kanata!

! The name “Canada” likely comes from the Huron-Iroquois word “kanata,” meaning “village” or “settlement.”

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