How To Easily Doodle Your Inner Dialog!

Using the idea of the iceberg effect, we can only see the tip of the iceberg while not fully understanding what lies at the bottom.

Have you ever doodled? There appears to be a doodle trending 200 million hits on Google for Doodle … something must be UP!

Doodling is a free flow of inner dialog/expression (my explanation.) No one to judge what you doodle about, just you with your pen and paper swirling around shapes or whatever else might take your fancy. Just for the FUN of it!

On a trip to Australia the first thing I did when I arrived was purchase a notebook and coloured pencils. Doodling has never been a pastime of mine, but I felt like doodling. The main thoughts in my head at the time were “there is no HE without a SHE.” Over and over this idea kept flowing within me.

“Without woman – there would be no one at all”.
Guru Nanak

Once I was satisfied with my creative flow I left my notebook aside. Playful is the operative word here, I’m no Picasso!

A few days later my cousin suggested we visit a Turkish grocery store for some supplies. As we entered the store I noticed a lady in a somewhat awkward conversation with the shopkeeper. She wanted the storekeeper to purchase her peaches. My cousin in the meantime was shopping for her goods. I stayed at the front of the store to “fathom” what was unfolding before my eyes. The shopkeeper refused to purchase her peaches, and the lady insinuated her fresh peaches were much better than the “rubbish” he was selling! She was not even asking for much but was offered an insulting $2 for the bag.

Horrified at the plight of someone seeking to make a sale with a small shopkeeper I inquired where she had obtained the peaches. The peaches were from her garden and the trees were laden with fruit that was falling. She simply wanted to make some money in a genuine heart felt act.

I summoned my cousin to pay for her goods and suggested to the lady I would purchase her fruit. She advised she lived just round the corner (everything always seems to be “just around the corner” for me these days!) My cousin in the meantime is really confused and tries to convince me we don’t need peaches as we have access to fruit at her farms (she is a citrus farmer.)

With a comical gesture I encourage my cousin to just “go with the flow” and see what unfolds, I had a sense the Universe was about to shower us with some serious FUN! She agreed to go along with me.

When we arrived at the lady’s house she handed me her cell phone. “What does it say?” I responded “3 missed calls.” “Oh this phone always rings when I leave home, and then I can’t read the messages.”

She then lovingly guided my cousin and I to her backyard. Handing both of us a bag she urged us with “Climb the ladder and get the fruit from the top of the tree.”

Laughing uncontrollably we both filled bags with nectarines and peaches. Then the next comical thing unfolds. The lady hands me a set of car keys with the most confusing words at first “here’s your Mother’s Key’s.” My mum has passed over to non-physical and then I quickly realize she things my cousin is my mother!!!!

A message was delivered to my intuitive senses. I knew without doubt “my mother” was actually Sending me a Message through this lady. My mother’s keys. Her trees were laden with fruit and ready to be harvested. The harvest of unity and love of ALL!

Understanding is a gradual process and very natural (sahaj) a bit like the ripening of fruit on a tree. When a tree is ripe with fruit the branches bend downward and the crop is ready to harvest. Other trees might stand upright but produce no fruit. From a Universal Source standpoint, we reap the fruits of the seeds we sow. Whatever was in my mother’s house was being hinted at, had now come into my house. My mother’s keys Pritam (means love) was signaling me pick the fruit, spread the message of love.

We paid for the fruit and still curious inquired if the lady had a support network. She responded she attended a local church. I took down the address and suggested we would meet her again at church on Sunday.

The fruit was dropped off at the local food bank and I suggested that the lady sell her fruit to the store who typically purchased at lower prices from the local farmers.

On Sunday I convinced my cousin to go to church with me! As we parked the car my cousin indicated this was the church her daughters attended as part of their schooling.

As we got closer to the church I was astonished to see the letters SHE on the metal church gate. I had doodled SHE in joined letter form similar to the image on the gate! Now if Universal Intelligence is contained within a simple doodle and can make it’s MARK “loud and clear” what else had I been missing all these years!

She    The SHE Gate

Doodle She MilduraThe SHE Doodle and some other antics I swirled in the moment!

Sacred Heart Mildura

Sacred Heart Parish – Mildura

So there you have it. A little doodling adventure in a town called Mildura, Victoria Australia yielded a lot of FUN, self reflection and revelation like no other. WE are all creating our reality and part of an awesome era of Self Discovery.  Mil also means to meet, or union and note Dura can also mean riddle or golden. The Golden Era of trails, riddles and puzzle solving is here. The world is not just English but ALL languages fused and a lot of words have many meanings. Explore and be curious and then notice how the Universe yields in loving ways.

The True Guru (inner guide/teacher) has posed this riddle.
The Guru’s Sikhs (learners) have found its solution.
Guru Amar Das – 645

The Universe is Ready with your treasures and fruits, Giddy UP have courage to claim them!

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