Our Story

WARNING: Be prepared to first “Think Intuitively Within The Frame,” where all playful new ideas reside. Personal belief systems WILL be expanded, but WE will break into new frontiers of reality never imagined before – think smile!

New ideas pass through three periods:
1) It can’t be done.
2) It probably can be done, but it’s not worth doing.
3) I knew it was a good idea all along!
Arthur C. Clarke – Author, Inventor and Futurist – Proposed Idea of Satellite Communications

Inspiring & Empowering Lives by “Connecting The Dots” Across the Universe

United StarMinds is an empowered Intuitive Energy Pattern Detection company? Just like nature has her patterns in the leafs, trees and flowers to show off her perfect beauty and design so there are energy patterns that occur in life and daily events that have deeper meaning. Life is like a dot to dot puzzle but the dots are “ONE Happy Universal Intelligence” sent in the form of Codes, Hints, Clues, Nudges, Signs and Intuitive Giggles!  The energy patterns can be looked at like an adventurous puzzle game specially designed for human decoding and interpretation. The idea of “read between the lines” is probably the best explanation we can give this new frontier of reality awaiting human discovery.

We are walking billboards
Speech without speaking
Letters and shapes creating
Ink without painting

Visual mind tweeting.

United StarMinds encourages people to THINK PLAYFUL HEART.  As visionary agents of change and challengers of the status quo, we are breaking down the walls of illusion. Inspiring by “experience” and Evidence, we empower people to believe they can create a balanced life full of Joy, Creativity, Passion and Abundance for ALL. Imagine living a life where you have meaning and purpose. Humanity is ONE and we ALL have a very unique mission/story to explore and share while guests on this planet.

It is a happy talent to know how to play.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is a very playful Creative Universe and we are all Co-Creators of reality (learning to master vibrational energy which turns into matter.)  When we are conscious co-creators we analyze and police our own minds before we look outwards into physical reality and judge that which is simply thoughts, feelings, emotions manifested in many “colorful” ways. We live in a “return to sender Universe.” Energy we put out will manifest back to us like a mirror. We empower humanity to think of fresh new ways to address world issues; it is where all our creative power resides, in the present moment. That power is a feeling of joy, play and love.

From this Primal Void, came the four sources of creation, and the power of speech.
The Supreme Creator created the play of Nature; through the
Word of Shabad (Word, Logos, Speech, Thought), ONE stages the Wondrous Show.
Guru Granth Sahib – 1037

United StarMinds was created when Mandip’s professional work experience triggered an INNER question – WHY? “WHY have you been doing all this work?” At that point the next level of personal discovery “opened up” and as she allowed expansion of more life Universal Intelligence began to flow. A simple lesson Mandip understood was that nothing happens until it is the right time. Mandip began to connect all her previous work experience dots and life became Magical and Fun!

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.
Carl Jung – Swiss psychoanalyst

Mandip’s professional expertise covers a wide array of business areas and she helped pioneer the deployment of Iris Recognition Biometrics for the Nexus Air Frequent Traveler Program a Canadian & United States Government border protection program. Simply with a “blink of an eye” travelers now cross borders securely.

Mandip’s technology experience included:
Telecommunication Networks IP/Legacy – working with major Canadian Telcommunication Carriers
Point of Sale Payment Networks including mobile
Aviation Security: X-Ray Threat Detection + Liquids
Biometrics – Iris, Face, Finger
Security – Physical & Logical Access
Background Checks + KYC – Know Your Customer
IP Lawful Intercepting solutions
Real-time Customer Experience Monitoring – QoS – Quality of Service

Marketing/Advertising Experience:
– Creation of an animated TV show character for Motorola on ReBoot
– Co-branded products with Microsoft Network & Motorola for Olympics
– Radio, billboards and print promotional campaigns
– Telecommunications channel marketing

Interests in Environmental Solutions for Empowerment of Humanity:
Water & Sanitation
Sustainable Waste Management
Human Dignity – Creates awareness of global UN sanitation initiatives

United StarMinds specializes in Energy Detection and Intuitive Life Forensics Consulting.  Mandip’s background in the Corporate and Government worlds naturally led to this next evolutionary step.

Please check out the Evidence Room for stories on HOW the Universe “speaks” and “connects” us all.

Let Go.  Simply Trust Life.

WARNING: Be prepared to “Think Inside The Frame” because personal belief systems WILL be stretched, but will help you break into new frontiers never imagined before!

Our Company

United StarMinds International is the brainchild of its founderMandip Kaur Sandher.

United StarMinds is a life transformation and human empowerment company.  We entertain and enlighten minds with real life stories that create positive energy for all to become Spiritual SuperStars they were born to be.

United StarMinds delivers a passionate message of embracing your heritage as we move into exploring new frontiers while consciously protecting the seeds of tomorrow.

It is our mission to inspire by example and help individuals rediscover and connect with their inner leadership potential to create a truthful, meaningful and harmonious life. A life that is connected to the ONE vital source energy pervading the universe. A life that is full of Service, Fun, Creativity, Joy and Abundance for ALL.

We Will Challange Your Thinking & Ask WHY Questions!

We believe loving life and embracing everything in the Universe as ONE will lead to ultimate success.  We ask a lot of WHY questions to challenge your thinking!  We might not give you all the answers upfront because we DO want to challenge YOU.  We are an interpretation company.  We look at Life from a higher serving viewpoint and therefore “we see Life communicating in ways that would defy logic”!   The Universe is very Intelligent.

The Unseen Energy

Scientists have confirmed that everything is Energy in the Universe.  We live in one large mass of electro-magnetic circuitry – we are simply particles of energy. Although, not visible to the human eye, everything in the Universe is connected, including humans and we communicate at a vibrational level beyond words.

Energy can be transformed into another sort of energy. But it cannot be created AND it cannot be destroyed! The question then arises, what did the original energy from the beginning of time evolve into?  We believe in ONE intelligent energy force (heARTificial Intelligence).  How Energy operates “through us” varies and is beyond comprehension but can include consciousness, collective unconsciousness and genetic memory to name a few.

Be Prepared To Grow & Soar To New Highs

We encourage individuals to transform their way of “Thinking” and to trust in time tested wisdom and guidance, while exploring the inner journey to personal growth. We believe that true life success will naturally unfold when people start to embrace and connect with the ONENESS of  life (people, nature, animals, science, and especially the acceptance of cultural diversity of all).  When individuals, society and organizations start adapting a “serving/giving without expectation” rather than “what’s in it for me attitude” life success is a by product and comes naturally because it involves a higher purpose in the equation.

Wake Up Your Inner SuperStar Power – heARTificial Intelligence

Humanity needs to connect with their inner guidance and intuitive nature to realize their full potential of who they really are.  It is the intention of United StarMinds International to speak Truth from the Heart+Mind tapping into “heARTificial Intelligence” on topics that attract our attention. Our views WILL go beyond the logical senses, but our Evidence will prove the intuitive actions!

Guard & Manage Your Personal Energy For Success

A new way of thinking United StarMinds illuminates the importance of Personal Energy Management which can have a direct impact on the results individuals may be experiencing in life. Personal energy management consists of the following factors:

1) All Thoughts

2) All Emotions

3) All Feelings.

By applying the United StarMinds Collective Energy Management techniques, businesses, individuals and societies start to experience positive experiences in their daily lives, that they previously could never have imagined.

The “Secret Blessing” – Multi-Cultural Diversity

Everything in the Universe is collective energy including our thoughts and emotions about cultural diversity issues. Honoring  and understanding that the world’s multi-cultural diversity is a true “blessing in disguise”, will create global success, like never seen before for any organization that fully embraces this belief. Understanding the key principles of cultural diversity and the paramount need to nourish such environments in work and society will be critical to the Collective Energy Management success.

Businesses & Society Can Succeed With “Right Thinking”

Simplicity in all actions, right collective thinking and a real understanding that EVERYTHING in the entire Universe is ALL CONNECTED, can provide lasting success to any environment.

Individuals and businesses that understand the principles of Collective Energy Management are United StarMinds and the real Agents of Change . They will take magnificent strides to put the planet back on the right course with their right actions.

  • They will leave their mark.
  • They will be known as pioneers.
  • They will leave a legacy to be remembered by our future generations.

We look forward to serving humanity and the planet for the highest good of all.

Let Go.  Simply Trust Life.