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What’s In a Name?  Man (Mind) Dip (Light) = Minds Light a.k.a. Mandip

Mandip Kaur Sandher – Citizen of the Universe and Chief Expansion Officer (CEO) of United StarMinds International specialization: “Connecting the Dots,” through Intuitive Energy Pattern Detection.

I was born Mandip Kaur but my dad spelled my name with an “i” instead of two “ee’s” hence people normally pronounce the name dip as in salad when in fact it should sound like deep. To top that on the first day of school my England teacher advised mum that I would be called Mandy because it was hard to pronounce Mandip and so it remained until the age of forty when I returned to my roots!  The Sandher bit was added when I got married. But the name does not matter, or the title which is simply used for fun. It is the “meaning” or essence of the words that trigger an emotion or feeling that really matter.

After a 25 year corporate career in the area of Avionics, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Airport and Government Security including Iris Biometrics, Marketing, Advertising, Sales and Business Development I was thrown off the conveyer belt of life.  In a sudden epiphany I realized it was time to explore a more meaningful life journey. This realization has opened up a new creative adventure in my life embracing my previous talents but with a fresh new spin to be used for the benefit of the greater good.

We are all born with a birthright to freely access a powerful Universal Source Intelligence that allows us to consciously play in earths classroom. Sometimes the link of connection to this Universal Source Intelligence can get broken by parents, society or other means. It is not done intentionally but simply because our guardians may not be aware that it exists. It was during the Haiti Earthquake in 2010 that the existence of the Universal Source Intelligence connection presented itself and when I finally got my “wake up call” to expand my idea of one mega universal family.

Through serendipitous connections and clues I have realized that a Higher Intelligence IS operating through humanity and operates through our collective actions.  Using real experiences I now share my story on how the Universal Source Intelligence speaks via multiple streams of energy data including: people, nature, print media, technology, security, photography, movies, advertising, marketing, environmental sustainability, arts and sciences.

Born in the United Kingdom of East Indian Punjabi Sikh heritage, I emigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1994 with my husband and twin sons.

My key inspiration and teacher has been the Sikh Guru Granth Sahib (self enlightenment teacher for humanity) which continues to nourish my mind and soul. As an explorer of life I love to embrace change and stumble across ancient wisdom threads that unite humanity and this gives me a real buzz!  Technology and communications are great enablers to connect with the sea of humanity to do great work with each other while we are on this beautiful planet.

My doodling and creative play time is spent in the areas of linguistics, movies, photography, art, gardening, cooking and sharing great moments with family and friends.

If you feel a connection with my Universal adventure please contact me directly: Mandip Kaur Sandher (519) 341-4932  or Email:

Let Go. Simply Trust Life.