Universal is contained with World Play

The quote maybe somewhat hard to believe. Remember Creative Being Personified?  Creative Consciousness is behind all physical manifestations. If we have not been taught this simply remember we came as Co-Creators of reality and thoughts create things. The physical stuff of the earth was not just here, it was thought into Being i.e. Created by something very intelligent. It is ALL united consciousness. A happy, clear and PLAYFUL energy that resonates within us all.

Take a journal. Write out some ideas that “naturally flow and stream through you” and then notice if those “ideas” actually begin to take form around you. Test the Universe see what happens. Be playful in your jotting!

When we begin to tune into our playful nature all things are possible. We no longer blame others for our own thinking patterns. If I believe that I am unworthy and not liked because of my colour or clothing I wear, then the Laws of the Universe put me in correspondence with those types of “attraction thought patterns” and low and behold I get to experience that reality.

It was an interesting comment by a friend a little while back that made me realize how our own thoughts and words actually manifest. He had commented  “You guys are really lucky you win all the time, I don’t win anything!” Not only was he broadcasting to the Universe, “I don’t win anything” but his belief was closing any chances of winning.

Another experience I had of beliefs was while standing at an Australian airport the airline check in assistant called me from afar and asked me to come to her new line she had opened. My relative was with me and watched as the airline assistant was very friendly and chatted with me. My relative then commented “we never get spoken to like that, I can’t believe how nice that lady was with you and how she called you out of the line to come to her.”

Again I believe, the energy that we manifest within us is the energy that magnifies around us. I believe ALL things are One United Loving Consciousness. I do not judge a person on what they wear, how they speak, their colour or culture, it is ALL ONE PLAYFUL BEING behind all actions.  Then the ONE begins to “show up” and make signals at a personal level to demonstrate as the song goes “This is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan. Now note the name of this singer Mon (mind) Tell (communicate information) Jor (gathering power) Dan (giver). Of course this is how my inner being plays with me, information can be read in infinite ways with infinite meanings.

On yet another occasion I was stuck in line at the security clearance section in Los Angeles. I was getting frustrated because I had a feeling I was going to miss my plane the line was so long, there was no way I would get through on time to catch my plane. Suddenly I just relaxed. A sense of don’t worry, breathe deeply came over me. If I was going to miss the plane, so be it. I pulled out a protein bar and decided to enjoy the line up. I watched as kids played, partners kissed and cuddled while some parents got frustrated. I relaxed and just as I reached the corner of the line moving to the next aisle, the security clearance officer opened up a new lane and boom, I was first in line and through the security clearance in no time at all.

It pays to relax. Understand our own feelings and emotions move our “personal energy movie forward into clarity or backward into frustration.” Enjoy the small things in life, the moments that reassure us that life is simply an adventure and our beliefs and emotions will deliver exactly what we broadcast to the Universe.

Thoughts, feelings, emotions = Our Moment by Moment Life Experiences. Focus and change any beliefs that hold you back in living a nourished life of peace, clarity, prosperity, harmony and play!