Nurturing Your Inner Self With Nature

autumn-leavesThe appreciation of the natural beauty of nature that surrounds us every day, and our inner connection to this source energy is priceless.

It may seem too easy and obvious but many of our ancestors really knew how to practice the art of living a great fulfilled life. A life that perhaps did not necessarily burden them with all the “stuff” that generations today tend to accumulate which do not necessarily provide inner peace or happiness i.e. another new car, TV or gadget.

I remember as a youth the wonderful times when our home garden in the UK would be overflowing with vegetables and herbs, from spinach, turnips, green beans, tomatoes to mint and cilantro, our garden was my mother’s pride and joy. It was my mother’s way of nourishing and strengthening her inner self (she was a single parent bringing up four children).

What I remember the most is that our garden was so abundant and colorful that our crop was shared openly with many friends, families and neighbours every year. Each year brought a sense of laughter and joy on the topic of my mother’s beautiful garden. The sharing and giving to others was a natural for my mother. No expectation of any return just selflessly serving others.

Although I had grown trees, plants and flowers for many years the childhood memories of my mother’s vegetable garden remained with me, until one day I decided to grow my own vegetable garden. WOW what a fascinating experience. I recalled sowing the seeds and plants, watering and nourishing them and eagerly awaiting the first signs of vegetable growth which included tomatoes, green peppers, spinach, herbs and even cauliflower! Then finally when the time was right, experiencing the full majestic display of the fruits of my labour!

Other ways to nurture and nourish the inner self is by observing the beauty of the trees and birds during a walk or run. Leave the iPod, MP3 player and even the cellphone at home for a change.  Instead, listen to the music of the birds. Watch for the squirrels, butterflies the bees or flies, they all count and have a place in the ONENESS of life along with humans. You may surprise yourself if you look hard enough you may even see a smiling face on the tree trunk or the birds eagerly awaiting your company everyday.

Go ahead nourish your inner self by connecting to the beauty of nature. You will become a lot more clearer in your thinking, more balanced and inspiration will start to easily flow.  Life will thank you and you will glow.

Let Go. Simply Trust Life.

Intuition – Are You Connected Within?

Wikipedia: Intuition (Knowledge) is the apparent ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason.

Intuition energy (the feelings and emotional side of humans) must be given more consideration in life.  It’s a topic in a conversation that may get one of those “oh, what a weirdo” look. You know the raised eyebrows wide eye expression as if you’ve just told someone their breath stinks! Intuitive skills are a birthright which we are all born with. Amazingly intuition is as natural as breathing and is freely available to all.

Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.
And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition
Steve Jobs

What I really find funny is that numerous people read their horoscopes and often have no problem in conversing about what their “stars are saying.”  The only difference when you start empowering your Inner SuperStar Power is that you won’t need to read a horoscope because your own inner data or ONE Happy Source Energy will provide you perfect inner personal guidance.

When you are intuitively connected to your inner self, life just flows beautifully. You are no longer struggling to figure out everything yourself. Your inner guidance gently nudges you to the right resources and solutions. Coincidences and synchronicity will line up like you have never imagined before.

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”     –      Einstein

Your world WILL become magical if you are truly committed to developing your inner self which will begin to manifest in your day to day outer reality.  Learn to let go of trying to do everything yourself. Listen to that “inner voice” or “gut feeling” and follow through with any ideas that you are being inspired to take action on. Simply trust that life is full of joy and fun. The real joy is in the discovery of that which is already embedded within your cells.

Proverbs, like the sacred books of each nation, are the sanctuary of the intuitions
Ralph Waldo Emerson

People are much more creative, passionate and productive  when they are intuitively connected to their inner self.  Intuition allows a sense of freedom and kicks fear right out the window. Intuitively observe a child and you will notice how perfectly aligned they are with their inner senses. Often a child will give you a subtle clue to help you connect further on a stream of consciousness flowing your way!

You’ve probably heard the term, Mind, Body, Spirit especially with the huge growth in meditation and yoga practices. Well Spirit is your inner being , your inner voice, your inner vision, your inner GPS. Whatever tag you desire to give this inner THING just trust it an energetic feeling of love and purpose.

There are numerous resources available to help individuals connect to their inner intelligence. The great thing is YOU get to choose the best method.

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.
What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.
Alan Alda

I was born in the UK and was brought up reciting the Lords Prayer every day during morning assembly at primary school. On the weekends mum would take us all to visit the Sikh temple. I was being guided along a spiritual path but did not realize my true self or “connection” with the inner intelligence until my mother passed away. At that time I began to question life. Energy can’t be created it simply transforms. So I wondered what did my mothers energy or atoms transform into! Yes it might be an odd way to explore life but that was my way and it worked. An inner button activated and lit up a world I was not aware of.  A world of unity, love, compassion, fearlessness and much more diverse in creative expression than I had been taught about. I simply had to ask and the Universe responded in a modern way that I would be able to understand.

Did you know that Google invited Dean Radin Ph.D to their headquarters to talk about intuition to their staff? If Google can openly invite someone to talk about the subject don’t be shy about exploring the topic and sharing with others.

If you are business owner and are not tapping into these skills yet, you may be missing out on creative masterpieces that are waiting to be “born through your corporation.” Encourage intuitive creative thinking in your life and include your employees because your business practices will definitely soar to new highs. Everything is energy and United energies have so much more power and fun.

The world is undergoing a transformation like never before. Intuitive skills should be taught in schools and encouraged in the workplace. Children at birth should be nurtured by their parents to enhance their already natural abilities.  Our future generations and the planet need this inner birthright power to manifest. It’s where all the fun begins!

Let Go. Simply Trust Life.

Keep It Simple – Inventive Minds

I had to chuckle because I could really relate to this article and I’m sure millions  in the business world will agree.  Readers Digest featured a wonderful review which was absolutely timely in the global transformation we are experiencing and how not to stifle creativity and passion by wasting time in useless meetings, but also how not to get caught up and waste too much time on an inventive idea or piece of creation your entire life, that you miss the whole purpose of being here.

Illumination: Have fun, relax, collaborate, let creativity and passion flow through your entire business, you will recognize and connect with intuitive ideas much more easily and the results will be profound for all involved.

Source: Readers Digest – March 2009 – Peter Stockland, Editor-In-Chief.

“If I were an inventor bent on improving the human condition, I would invent the Meeting Meter. It would help the huge number of North Americans afflicted with spending an average 5.6 hours every working week in meetings. It would save corporations billions of dollars, which they could use to end global warming, achieve world peace and make everyone on the planet equally rich. The gizmo would be simple. All present at every meeting would key their salaries into the meter. It would then track the per minute group cost of sitting in an airless room wondering what in *@#$?! that bald guy detailing shipping and receiving data is talking about.  At meeting’s end, a tabulation would be transmitted to accounting and logged onto the corporate balance sheet, sparking quarterly eruptions such as: “We spent $57,294.26 to watch a PowerPoint about WHAT?!”

Let Go. Simply Trust Life.

Act Now, Stop Getting Ready to Get Ready!

Oh my, I just had an epiphany.

How often do we wait and delay to ACT on something by getting ready, to get ready, to get ready, to get ready, getting ready to get ready, oh, wait, just getting ready, nearly ready, and on and on and on it goes!

The illusion that we have to have everything perfect before we get our teeth into a new inspired creative project is simply fear kicking in trying to stall the process of creative expansion.

Of course if I was a software developer and my services depended on a mission critical product, I would think twice, but this is ONLY a website.  The foundation is already set, I just need to add the finishing touches.

So as you can see I threw up a few pages, because I had been marketing my domain name, and if anyone needs to call me they know where I am. Hey at least my Linked-In page is current if anyone needs more “stuff” on me!

The site is not quite ready as you can probably see, but guess what, I’m not stressed, if anything, I’m having a laugh at how ridiculous life can sometimes appear to be.  So what if my content video is not ready, so what if millions of people see my site unfinished, perhaps it will entice them to come back often and see how I’m progressing.

Just imagine how much stress we put on ourselves, getting ready to get ready when we are trying to start or launch something new in our lives. When all we need to do is relax and realize it’s not the end of the world. The only moment that counts is the one you are in right NOW. Focus on the Now and everything else will just fall into place. Trust the Universe (your inner GPS) more and everything will be just OK. Breathe!

Let Go.  Simply Trust Life.