Meditation For Inner Peace

I often get asked what tools I personally use for balancing life and connecting to the Universal Intelligence.  I have found the practice of waking early in the morning i.e. before 6am to read morning pslams (sacred poetic verses) from the Sikh (means learner)  Guru Granth Sahib (deep spiritual wisdom teacher.)  This process provides me with a way to ground and center myself daily and breath a sense of life and fresh air into the Universe!  The deep contemplation and understanding of what I am reading has been key.  I have realized that what we read is actually energy being infused into our consciousness stimulating fresh new ways to perceiving life unfolding.

These practices have allowed me to control the wandering mind, increased my intuitive awareness, and the feeling of connectedness to the Universal Intelligence of ONE or all that is.

A wonderful Sikh meditation is included below. Please feel free to download and use this tool which I have personally found much peace from.  Grab some headphones, close your eyes and listen to this meditation for ten minutes and see if you “feel” the Universal energy vibrations in your body!

There are many techniques available to control and stabilize the mind or false programming. This musical meditation is reciting a mantra, the word WaHeGuRu is being recited. The Creator has many names, in Sikhism WaHeGuRu is a sound vibration used to connect to the ONE Formless Creator/Intelligence that permeates all particles of the Universe. Remember everything is energy.

History on the mantra.  Religious texts use many names for the Creator.  The Sikh Guru’s and Saints were enlightened masters, identified with a Formless Creator, that is beyond the avatars, prophets and messengers. The WaHeGuRu mantra represents unity of ONE and four corners of the Universe. Guru Nanak, the founding father of Sikhism traveled four corners during his spiritual presence on earth.

The Guru Granth Sahib was translated into English by an Irish man Max Arthur Macauliffe and brought the knowledge to the Western minds in 1909.  Macauliffe’s work is available online for free and I would highly recommend it for any seeker of their Higher Self.

Humanity are on a spiritual journey in a physical “suit”, do not get too attached to the “suit” because at some point it will need to shed. Seek connection to the ONE Intelligence that “holds your atoms together”; your immortal true self.