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United StarMinds is an “Empowered Dot Connections” company. We encourage people to THINK DEEPER.  As visionary agents of change and challengers of the status quo, we are breaking down the walls of illusion. Inspiring by “experience” and Evidence, we empower clients to believe they can create a balanced life full of Joy, Creativity, Passion and Abundance for ALL. Imagine living a life where you have meaning and purpose. Humanity is ONE and we ALL have a very unique mission/story to explore while on this planet.

Mandip founder of United StarMinds teaches through events and seminars Intuitive Energy Pattern Detection a.k.a. Dot Connecting by tuning into our inner and outer intelligence. What is Intuitive Energy Pattern Detection? A bit like dot connecting but the dots are “Universal Intelligence” i.e. energy patterns for human interpretation, just like nature has her patterns in the leafs, trees and flowers to show off her perfect beauty and design!

A special focus of United StarMinds is monitoring the energy patterns of images and words in many forms of media and communications. Imagine a “subtle code” encrypted for the vigilant student to observe a “hidden message” from the ONE Happy Source Energy. Yes wild as it might seem, this is real and it is here now. Nothing can stop an idea whose time has arrived to be known!  This expertise is taking Forensic Science to the next level. After all if it has been done before it is not Fresh and New and we ALL have something new to give birth to.

There are many areas of life that need Intuitive Energy Pattern Detection training. In particular Scientific Discovery, Government, Military, Space Agency, Youth Focused, Medical, Media and Telecommunication environments would especially benefit right now.

If you are a scientist interested in exploring the “eerie effect” in our evidence room or just an inventive mind exploring avenues of co-creation, we would welcome the opportunity to chat, learn from one another and explore where we may creatively engage.

Our services include:

Empowering Youth – Seminars, Events and Mentoring

Intuitive Energy Pattern Detection – Seminars, Events and Mentoring

Please email us at mandip@unitedstarminds.com to learn more and find out about our customized programs.

Let Go. Simply Trust Life.