Empowering Youth

Youth Creative Thinking Empowerment

img007The Seeds of Tomorrow (children) are our future. How we nurture and train them today will make the world of difference in becoming the custodians of the planet tomorrow.

You may be surprised but youth have an inner “knowing” of their life blueprint. Children should not be squashed into a square box when they want to try out the hexagon!  Children are very creative and need to be nurtured but not smothered. Speak to youth as you would an adult. It will make the world of difference in building stronger relationships and leaders of tomorrow.

Living in the digital and highly technological era everything in life requires a sense of balance.  Too much food, creates excess weight in humans if the energy is not used up with physical activities.  Too much watering or fertilizing of a plant, can also have adverse effects on the growth. The question is what Real Life Survival Wisdom have we provided to the youth of today outside of the digital contraptions in their hands?

The minds of youth must be empowered to understand that their thoughts and words are very powerful. Lack of knowledge or power can create chaos in the Universe, whereas an empowered individual can co-create beauty, joy and abundance. The time is now to empower the youth of today and tomorrow with the right words, traditional values that were embraced by our ancestors, quality content, thinking and training about the reality of how to live a fun filled balanced life! Bring together wisdom from your family and community elders and create an opportunity to learn from each other – this is true communication work.

Perhaps a month in Haiti, Africa, India or even remotes parts of the Western world might do them the world of good, to see and understand how others live with limited water supplies, no communication gadgets and the like. An opportunity to learn about mother nature and the abundance of hidden gifts in such environments.  An opportunity to learn about agricultural processes, the healing power of natural plants and vegetables, riding horses and perhaps even milking a cow or two!

Whatever, the methods, let us all collaborate to train the youth with survival skills beyond the PC/Laptop/Video Games and ensure we are protecting the seeds of tomorrow with quality content. It is everyone’s responsibility to collectively take action.

As evolutionary co-creators whatever you want for your own children, expect it for other children alike. Humanity is ONE. Create solutions and services consciously for the betterment of all.

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